BMW E30 with a SR20DET – Part 1

BMW E30 with a SR20DET

MotoIQ is started a new multi-part series detailing how to swap a SR20 into a BMW E30. The project started when they picked up an E30 with an automatic transmission and leaky water pump for $1,400. The 2.0 L SR20DET inline-four they will be swapping currently runs CP pistons, stock rods, ACL main and rod bearings, Greddy oil pan, ARP head studs, and factory T25 turbocharger. They plan on rebuilding the engine in part due to a cracked piston ringland. In part one they pull both engines and test fit the SR20 in the E30 engine bay.

BMW E30 with a SR20DET

Source: MotoIQ via Piotr

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