Nissan R32 GTR with a 1700 hp Twin-Turbo VK56 V8

Nissan R32 GTR with a twin-turbo VK56 V8

This 1991 Nissan R32 GTR was built by GTR Autoteenindus and Ashico-Racing in Tallinn, Estonia. In the engine bay sits a twin-turbo VK56 V8 that makes 1,735 horsepower at 7,199 rpm and 1,336 lb-ft (1,812 Nm) of torque at 6,050 rpm. The engine features JE pistons, Cunningham Rods custom connecting rods, Kelford stage 1 237-T1 … Read more

1979 MG Midget with a Honda V4

1979 MG Midget with a Honda Magna V4

Very few projects start with a racing harness however that is exactly how Chuck Bridgman’s project began. He found an old RJS racing harness for eight dollars at a swap meet and decided to build a sports car around it. After searching for a while he purchased a 1979 MG Midget on Craigslist with a … Read more

1969 Beetle with a Subaru Turbo EJ207 Flat-Four

1969 Beetle with a Subaru turbo EJ207 flat-four

Greg Munro enjoys the classic look of the Volkswagen Beetle but not the classic performance. So when it came time to restore his 1969 Beetle, he sent it to Spot On Performance & Fabrication in Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia to improve the power along with the looks. The engine is a 2.0 L EJ207 turbocharged … Read more